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Well, I have Lyman #45, 450 and 4500 luber/sizers. The #45 has been converted to size a long (Lyman #311284)bullet nose first as sizing it in the converntional manner causes then to bend and ae thus ruined. I use it ti size the bullet but not lube, Then I use the 450 to lube using a die .001" larger than what the bullet was sized. So I size that 220 gr. Lyman bullet to .310" and lube with a .311" die.
FWIW, when I plan on heat treating a bullet, I size it to what I want first then treat and quench. The bullets are then lubed in a die .001" larger that what I sized the bullet too.
Some say sizing ahquenched bullet kills the hardening process. Some say I doesn't. I'm inclined to go with the former.
On bullet lube, it seems to me that they all work quite well. Probably the NRA fformula is one of the best but it's a bit messy and the smell isn't aall that pleasant. Not bad butI don't care fot it. I still use that lube though because it works. Some other good ones are the LBT Blue, I've used the soft version and Lyman's magic Orange. Felix lube is good stuff but you have to make it yourself. You can do a search on Cast Boolits for the recipe. Even the softer lubes require a heater for the luber/sizer when the temp gets down to about 70 degrees. A spare threaded rod for the tool is mighty handy to have on hand should you break one and believe me, you will if you cast long enough.
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