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my buddy suggested only casting one bullet from each pot, to try to keep the weights more consistant, on calibers that I shoot alot of... how consistant do you guys get when you cast ???

aside from alloy, what else effects the bullet weights ???

got a good suggestion for reading material for me to read over the winter, before I try casting next summer ???

do you prefer a brand or style of mold ???

how many bullets can realistically be cast in an hour using a 2 cavity mold ???
So far I have had good luck with casting 45 cal and 44 cal bullets from the same pot. So long as you don't mind using the same alloy for multiple different calibers or bullet profiles there is no big deal as far as I can see.

For reading material I would suggest the castboolits web site and the Lyman casting book. Both will get you going with good solid advise.

Some folks start out with Lee molds because they are cheap and they work. I also started out with some Lee molds and they did fine but I have found that I really like the molds that I have had custom made my Tom at Accurate molds. He does top quality work and is outstanding in customer service. He however is not the only custom mold maker over there.

For Mold material I have been happy with Aluminum and absolutely thrilled with brass. Toms aluminum molds are quite a bit more substantial than the Lee aluminum ones. And the brass is just amazing. I have yet to cast with a Iron mold. I don't have any thing against them my self but I hear that it takes some prep work to keep them rust free. Brass and aluminum molds do not have a problem with ambient air and rusting or corroding.

In two hours with a two cavity mold you could easily make a couple hundred. A hundred an hour after you get the hang of things is not an unreasonable expectation. However, if you use two different molds you will make a lot more bullets. I usually cast for my 45 cal and one of my 44 bullets at the same time. One cools just a little while I fill the other. Again some helpful info I learned at

I hope that helps a little more.
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