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I like it, but am not familiar with it at all. I don't agree with all the opinions above. The tube magazine is a proven design, and it isn't like your going to use spitzer style bullets in such a short case anyway. There are plenty of pistol bullets to be used in .50 caliber to make it a worthwhile purchase.

I like the old M92 Winchester rifles, they have a cool factor that the new Marlin rifles don't have. With the aperature sight I'm not sure that a scope would make it anymore accurate if a guy wanted to hunt with it at this cartridges effective distance.

Since it is a semi-custom lever action I don't feel the price is all that far out of line. Look at the levers that Wild West Guns builds as well to compare prices. Plus if you were to send in your Guide Gun for WWG's full treatment I'm sure you would come very close to the price of this rifle by the time you are done.
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