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OH boy.

We really don't do TEOTWAWKI threads here at TFL.

This one is a bit complicated, as it engenders strategy and tactics to avoid loss of civil rights, based upon a historical event of recent vintage.

After the Katrina debacle, many States passed laws that made firearm confiscations unlawful. If your State did not do that, then it behooves you to get the grassroots efforts going, to ensure passage of such laws.

As it stands, there is one federal lawsuit in the works that attempts to address that concept, since that States legislature expressly forbids the use of (defensive) firearms (for lawful protection off an individuals property) during a state of emergency.

If you wish to discuss real world tactics and strategy, we have a forum for that. Before going that route, I would stress that any such thread must be real world tactics and strategy. That would be a distinct challenge to keep it on topic and to avoid the inherent chest thumping and addition of implausible/imaginative scenarios.

If you wish to discuss the legal and/or civil rights aspects of another Katrina-type scenario, then this would be the proper place, but with the same caveats as above.

To combine both, as this thread has begun to head... Not going to happen.

The best advice is what PawPaw wrote.
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