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Traveling with gun to Western NY state?

I may be traveling to and from ( same day ) Western NY and need to know some NY hand gun laws.

From what I recall there is some sort of free passage law ( federal ? ) that allows a person legal in their home state to travel to from through a restricted state. Does that apply to NY?

The other thing is that I may be traveling by air, one way to NY. I know I can't bring gun as carry on. I'm guessing it could go checked baggage ( if the airline is informed it is a gun I guess ) , but I don't plan on having any checked baggage. Is there still a way to check a gun as a package? Anyting else I should know?

I have a CC permit in my state it that helps matters.

I've got to many things to coordinate at the moment so any help from someone in NE / familiar with NY laws would be appreciated.

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