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Historically, it's a very accurate scenario. It happened during Katrina, when the misquided chief of police, Eddie Compass, (hack, spit) told his officers to confiscate guns in the city of New Orleans.

Our agency had a detail in that city, assisting with the disaster response. As soon as Compass (hack, spit) gave the confiscation order, our detail left the city. Went home. The hell with Eddie Compass. The NOPD confiscated guns that still haven't been returned to their rightful owners. Compass has been the subject of various civil-rights suits, his name has been dragged through the mud, and he has been forced to quit law-enforcement. He's lucky that he isn't in prison. The rest of his force isn't so lucky. Many of them have been imprisoned for civil-rights violations that occurred during the Katrina debacle.

In 2006, the Louisiana legislature enacted legislation that makes it illegal to confiscate firearms from a citizen during a declared emergency. All police officers statewide were instructed in the law. I don't believe we'll ever have that problem again in Louisiana.

However, that's not going to stop the misguided politicians from trying to confiscate firearms in other states.

So, what do you do?

1. Have a firearms inventory.
2. Obey the law. If the cops come for your guns, be polite, be courteous. If they take guns, insist that they give you a receipt. Take names of officers involved. Gather as much information as you can.
3. Remember that during an emergency, your first obligation is to survive, whether it be from the weather, or whether it be from misquided bureaucrats. Your first obligation is to survive. Live through this thing, we'll get payback later.
4. After the emergency, sue the living hell out of everyone involved, from the officer who took your guns to the mayor who gave the order. Hire a lawyer with the tenacity of a bulldog and the personality of a rattlesnake and sue the living hell out of everyone.

But remember, your first obligation is to survive the emergency.
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