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Katrina type SHTF, cops want your guns...

Ok, so lets say it happens, and the cops or FEMA go door to door of all the registered gun owners and demand your guns. My guns???

What do you do?

How do you keep them away?

They knock on the door... You just say what??? Get off my property. No you can not come in side. I have nothing to say to you. You are not wanted, leave now!

All I can think of is never let them in. Never say anything other then get out of here, and do not acknowledge their attempts to get you to admit you have weapons?

Now if they force their way in, then there is a gun fight and I will be dead.

They do not care. They will say national emergency and no one will be fined fired or repermanned for killing a white man with a gun. They will probably give them evil SOBs a medal.
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