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I think lumping criminals into one category is kind of simplistic. Sure, some are mouth breathers who can't think, plan or prepare in any way. This only stands to reason since a percentage of the population, criminal or not, is composed of mouth breathers.

But some criminals are analytical. When confronted with a problem they immediately start working out scenarios, discarding those that are unworkable and narrowing down the possibilities to ones that will achieve the goal. Some criminals are prodigies. Some master difficult technical fields.

True, you probably aren't going to be carjacked or held up at the ATM by one of these fully developed, skilled criminals. But they started somewhere before they mastered their chosen field. Perhaps carjacking suburbanites or holding up housewives at the ATM was their first criminal activity. Talent is talent, and talent will sometimes beat training.

So don't underestimate your adversary. He may be the future Napoleon, Achilles, Justin Verlander or Leonard Susskind of criminals.
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