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There is a reloading forum right here on this site. Also it has a few stickies for those considering reloading.

Now that said reloading ball parked figure for a single stage press, with the bare essentials of equipment not counting supplies. Is just shy of $200.

Lee Breach Lock Challenger single stage press with kit is about $110 +/- $20 depending on where you buy it.

Dial Caliper that measures in thousanths. 0.001 inrements is around $30 +/- 10 depending on brand, and where you buy it.

$30 for an upgrade scale from the kit for a cheapo digital. (The high quality ones run into the how much do realy want to spend range.) Or a Good user friendly easy to read for not so good eye sight beam scale starts in the $50 to $75 dollar range. (If you are ok with using the scale that comes with the Lee kit then this expendeture is not necessary. The first thing I spent upgrading was buying a digital scale. I am glad I did too.

Ok and the most important thing is a manual. Prime is gonna be from about $15 to $39 depending on publisher, where you buy it, and if it is paper back, or hard cover. You mentioned you are loading for a handgun I would recomend Lyman's Pistol & Revolver 3rd editon. (I paid $15 for mine at Cabella's.)
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