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I was probably overstating it a bit by saying "only" a danger to themselves. But I also think that this is sort of a larger issue as well, people are going to be stupid, and we cannot legislate away freedom because some people are irresponsible with it. From the bottom of my heart I cannot understand people who underestimate firearms, I've been shooting with friends and family for 12 years and my own weapons + rental guns for 6 years and I still have a healthy fear of guns I always assume they are loaded unless looking at an empty chamber.

I once had a friend who thought it was funny to point a loaded shotgun at me, with the safety off! I reacted by stepping inside the gun's range (the muzzle was about two inches from my face) and giving him a square kick in his privates, with steel toes on. I had driven to the range that day and I told him we were leaving NOW! Never took him shooting again...

Point being, some people are dumb, my friend is dumb, but I don't think that means we should try and legislate his freedom of stupidity away...
But at the same time when a dumb person causes harm to other people or their property because of their ignorance we should not attempt to diminish their responsibility or lessen their punishment which is exactly what you see a lot of the times on gun boards.

A CHP holder who harms or kills someone else with a gun due to their negligence needs to be prosecuted as the criminal that they are. IMHO
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