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Zincwarrior, can you or anyone else give me an ideal what "YOU" consider a "mimimual Competence test"??
Sure thing. I'm not particularly inventive so I'll go with the Texas test.
1. A passing score on a shooting test of fity rounds at 3 yards, 10 yards, and 15 yards. Passing is 70% based on normal shooting scoring.

2. A demonstrated knowledge of "range rules."
-hand off trigger unless ready to fire.
-weapon always kept downrange and not pointed at any one.
-demonstrated ability to load/unload a weapon, and clear a jam or misfire.
-demonstrated ability to use safeties if any.

These are literally things I taught my then 8 year old daughter in the space of 30 minutes, including shoot time (and required complements and encouragement).

We're hitting stupidity level in thinking this can't bew achieved. Frankly if you can't do that, you shouldn't be able to breed much less be able to carry a concealed firearm.
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