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If I were King, getting a CCW permit would be 4 hours of training which was 4 hours of training on local carry law, use of deadly force, testing on those subjects and then a proficiency test on what you'd already be expected to know on safe firearms handling, MAO for clearing yor weapon, and a live fire exercise at 15" where you had to put 6 rounds in 6"

If you can't operate the safety or go through clearing your weapon - you're a menace.

If you can't put 6 rounds in 6" at 5 yards you're a menace IMO.

I'd also fail people for all the things most gun competitions DQ people for - any unsafe behavior - breaking of the 4 rules, breaking the 180 at the line, and of course any ND/UD (unintentional discharge ?)

The thought that HB 822 could potentially let people roam the streets of Illinois who haven't met my high standards makes me cringe !
Texas is a longer course with more shots fired, but not far off. The instructor for our class confirmed that she never had someone fail the shooting part, or more precisely no one failed the second attempt she would have after. People who failed the first time did so by not following directions.
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