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I completely agree with you, Nick. As I said, competition shooting is one thing. What the rest of us do is quite another. Naturally, there are times for reduced loads. New shooters, case forming and what-not.

On the other hand, I've never met a hunter that shoots his 22-250 at 3000 fps instead of 3500 or 3800 because he can get an extra .1 MOA.

It makes sense to me, under hunting conditions, to give up a few fractions of an MOA to get near top FPS. Would I give up a 1/2 MOA to get 50 fps? No, not even 1/4! But I might give up 1/4 MOA to get 200 fps... the bullet will fly flatter, drift less and I'm only giving up 1" and 400 yards.

In other words, I want accuracy AND darn near full power, or I'll look elsewhere for something that works better. So far, I haven't had to. 1/2-3/4 does anything I'll ever need.
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