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40 Hours of training? Are you kidding? So only people with $2000 of disposable income should be able to CC?
I understand the consternation of people who see someone who can't seem to understand basic things about a handgun when they think that those people will be running around with a gun...but chances are, or at least it seems to me, that they probably won't practice with it and when time comes to defend their life with it they will be hopeless anyway and end up getting shot, and probably have the weapon stolen. A lack of proficiency, IMO is only a danger to themselves, unless they are absolutely crazy and decide to practice in an alley somewhere... who do you suppose will be hurt? Only themselves, the responsibility is on the individual.
That said, the reason I don't CC right now is twofold, one reason is because most of the places I go (school campus and work) don't allow guns, the other is the prohibitive costs of taking a safety class (about $150) and getting the license (last time I checked i think it was $110). I'm in school, I have a wife and daughter to feed, I don't have $250 for the requirements which exist now... In fact, I even have passed up the opportunity to buy several handguns at a great price, because I really don't see the point if I can't carry (I prefer a 12GA for HD)
What I m trying to get across is that requiring this kind of training would exclude a large number of people from being able to carry, it would take me two years to set aside that much money, assuming I had no car/truck or home disasters. I also want to stress that it is the lowest income bracket who is the most likely to be the victim of a violent crime!
Requiring this would exclude those people most likely to need it. IMO CC'ing a weapon should not be a rich man's least not exclusively, us younger folks can't always rely on muscle you know, and us poor folks already have limited options when it comes to carrying a weapon, why on earth limit it more? You may as well eliminate it rather than restrict it like this IMO because you would remove the possibility for those who need it the most.
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