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If I were King, getting a CCW permit would be 4 hours of training which was 4 hours of training on local carry law, use of deadly force, testing on those subjects and then a proficiency test on what you'd already be expected to know on safe firearms handling, MAO for clearing yor weapon, and a live fire exercise at 15" where you had to put 6 rounds in 6"

If you can't operate the safety or go through clearing your weapon - you're a menace.

If you can't put 6 rounds in 6" at 5 yards you're a menace IMO.

I'd also fail people for all the things most gun competitions DQ people for - any unsafe behavior - breaking of the 4 rules, breaking the 180 at the line, and of course any ND/UD (unintentional discharge ?)

The thought that HB 822 could potentially let people roam the streets of Illinois who haven't met my high standards makes me cringe !
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