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Beautiful trophies so far. Congrats to all.

If I'd take the time to learn how to post pics. I would post mine.

But you guys would laugh cause it would be a pics. of empty pockets.

Have passed several descent shooters waiting on a monster I've seen twice. He's still lurking around here as his tracks are not hard to spot.

Ohio's shotgun season opens next Monday(always 1st Mon. after Thanksgiving) and I suppose if he makes it passed the first 4-5 hrs of season, he'll go back to his nocturnal habits. Staying buried during the day in his favorite hiding spot thats got him as old/big as he is.

Have not given up on him by far for this year. I'll not use my 'either sex' tag for any other buck. If I don't get him, I'll shoot a doe instead.

Just hope if I don't get him, he hangs out around here till next year and gives me the enjoyment of hunting or at least seeing him again next year.
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