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One impression I get from reading this and other threads is that many believe the same thing that the anti-gun crowd believes, which is that guns are much too dangerous for ordinary people. By the same token, there is the common belief that the world in which we live is a very dangerous place. The anti-gun crowd believes fewer guns would be better, and the other side believes the opposite. I think some of the same exaggerations have been made by both sides to further their arguments.

And another thing, have firearms in general and handguns in particular, become more complicated in the last century? At one time, it was sufficient to include a little three page leaflet in the cardboard box the pistol came in. Today you get a 37 page booklet instead and that's just the ones that only have one language. It could at least be shorter if they didn't have those large and bold warning (in red) in two places on every page. Apparently even the manufacturer thinks their product is too dangerous.
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