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Training for senior citizens ...

As I entered my 60's, realizing that I could no longer "kick ass and take names" like I was in my 20's, I took up carrying a handgun for SD and keeping a .410 for HD. Got my CCL and a little training. Had earlier NRA and Army training, so I had the basics covered. But I still had a pack of disabilities, from arthritis in my hands to PAD and COPD. Life sucks sometimes, but it's a damned sight better than the alternative!

Most public classes include all ages and many seniors are at a serious disadvantage. We can't load a magazine as quickly or efficiently (why I bought the UpLula), can't chamber a round as well as the young'n's in a semi-auto, can't break down a weapon for cleaning like we did in Basic Training in the 60's.

Are there regular specialized classes around the country that take our physical issues into consideration? I'm sure many senior citizens would pay to be in a like-aged group to learn better ways of doing all that, at a pace and using techniques that would work for us.

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