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CCW class should not be training. It SHOULD however require you to demonstrate safe and effective use of a firearm. Any of the stuff like has been mentioned in this thread - can't operate the safety, can't load the weapon, negligent muzzle control, can't hit the target at 5 yards, etc - should rate an instant failure.
This is what I meant to say, though it came out nothing like it . If you can't demonstrate simple safety measures (ex: keeping your gun pointed away from everyone in the class, or looking down the barrel after you pulled the trigger and nothing happened) then you do not need your CCP. I do however agree that it should not be taught in the class.

Would people feel the same about having a harder time getting a license if they were to say you have to have say 4 hrs of firearm training, before you took the class? Have a certificate that you present.

It is one more step to do but IMO at least we wouldn't be worried about someone shooting themselves or someone else AS MUCH
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