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@ibkikinit: I put a YHM lightweight rifle length on mine. at first it didnt index correctly. i ended up putting a bunch of locktite on it and twisting it harder and it ended up lining up perfectly, although im not sure i could replicate it, it just seemed to happen. however, there are generally threaded holes in the last rail section in which you could locktite some tension screws to secure the forend where you want it. the screw thread is 5/16x32. (

and yes, they will just be a replacement firing pin, so when you take your bolt apart (for example to insert it into the upper receiver) you would just put it in place of the other firing pin.

alright everyone, thanks for your interest thus far. im not sure what the ETA is on getting these things made at this point. but tell your friends, (or post on other forums). its good to know that there IS an interest. im not the guy actually heading it up, i just want a couple firing pins too. haha. (see first post)
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