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The question comes to mind - what is the overall goal. On a functional and operational level I have every belief the Hope and Change crew is incompetent and is trying to make its own news to support it beliefs.

They want more and further gun control so they create murder, mayhem and chaos by operations such as Felonious Failure.

The state department would be more concerned with international agreements and relationships so the release of weapons to drug dealers might be to back one side or another. Overall it seems to be a insane policy though because no matter who you arm you can’t control how the weapons are used and the end result is instability not stability. (More Hope and Change incompetence)

The really odd part is any DOD involvement because they have a duty to follow the orders of the civilian chain of command and a duty to protect our nation and this seems to be a direct conflict. It seems to me on a surface level that any order given in this regard was highly likely unlawful and the whole chain of command all the way to the Commander in Chief would bear the consequences and the responsibility.

Still in the end (I don’t know enough about the Mexico situation to have an education opinion on its internal struggles) it seems the only reasonable outcome was murder on both sides of the border. I have said it before but if we weren’t a military super power Mexico would rightly be able to consider this the act of war that it is.

Our national government armed felons and drug dealers with weapons that it expected would be used against our citizenry and Mexico’s citizens. You can be right or left or whatever on the political scale but there’s no getting around that US Agents were murdered without committing crimes and without a trial and without a judgment and that is a crime against the Constitution because it was an act our government funded and was the only reasonable expectation that a reasonable person could have.

Also given the overall breath and apparent width of the operation the executive responsible for leadership of all these departments must be held responsible for the actions he had responsibility to know of and supervise. Our system has impeached itself even if our congress hasn’t.. this cannot stand...
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