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I just had a friend yesterday receive his permit to carry he called me 1st thing about my sw9ve for sale I sold it to him and when I handed it to him I locked the slide back. He didn't even know how to operate a slide release so I showed him and then he slides th mag in and sticks it on his hip right away. I ask aren't you going to chamber a round ?"I always do" he says I just did like he was offended. I said hell no you didn't he pulls it out points it in the air and squeezes the trigger. It didn't go off but I took the gun from him and asked him how the hell he got a permit to carry he said oh I paid my boy 100 bucks and he just gave me the certificate. I handed him his money back and told him ill never sell him anything and asked who his "boy" is he refused to tell me. were friends but not that close if you know what I mean. So I told him to go get some real training and called a local cop friend of mine and gave him what info I could to get rid of said "instructor". Thelittle amount of training required for instructors and permit holders is ridiculous. I think its that way intentionally though give enough idiots permits t carry and they're gonn mess up enough to ruin it for the rest of us.
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