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I'm all for training.......................I'm against mandatory training.

Why should we burden low income people with the cost of a 40 hour training requirement. That would jack up the cost to those who wish to exercise their right protected by the 2nd amendment. The Constitution protects all of us, not just those who can afford to spend big bucks for 40 hours of training.

You mentioned LE being required to go through extensive training, and to qualify yearly, twice yearly, or what ever. That's true, what is also true is most cops can't shoot for crap. I know, I was a firearms instructor for most of my 20 years in LE. Furthermore, I'll say the same about the military.

If one is going to train, and really learn, then he or she will do it. If not, they they wont whether its mandatory or not.

As others have pointed out, there is not evidence that states that require extensive training are any safer then those who don't.

I'll go back to the cost of such training. There are a ton of classes and courses out there, pricing varies. Because there are so many, the cost is kept low (in some cases) because of competing for the market. If you increase that market by mandatory training, I fear the cost will go up, making exercising your rights a rich man's club.
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