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I've heard that Missouri upped the amount of live fire in the last year. When I got certified, the requirement was firing both revolver and semiauto a total of 26 shots. It could be either type for 20 and the other for 6. There were several people at the class who had serious problems handling their firearms. One older guy showed up with a NIB Glock 45 ACP and darn near tore his left thumb off because he had it stuck up behind the slide. He hadn't picked up a handgun since WW2. I was there with a friend who had been a competition shooter and smalltown policeman for 20 years and we were the only ones who really were capable of unsupervised gun handling. Shooting was at 21' and there were some misses on several targets. I don't think the instructors were as much concerned with how well everyone shot but mostly that no one GOT SHOT.
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