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should CCW classes spend more time on Handling the weapons?

I just want to know what everyone thinks on this subject.

I have had my CCL for 10 years now. When I took my class, we had around 6 hours of classroom work, mostly about the laws, which is good, then the next day our instructor had us meet him at the range. He had brought a Ruger .22 automatic pistol. that was the pistol we had to use, he made us, one at a time, step up to within 5 feet of the target, and fire 1 magazine of 10 rounds, making sure we put them within a target representing a human torso. after we fired our ten rounds we got our certificate, I have done some reserching and found out that for most states, that is all that is required to recieve your permit. also, I have found out that most people who go thru these classes, have never even fired a Handgun before, including the one they are going to carry, so that means we have people out there legally carrying Firearms who have maybe 10- 15 minutes of training with them. that scares me. I personally believe that the Classes should be a full 40 hour class, with several days focusing on the Safe handling of the weapon, without rounds in them, and then when they go to the range to live fire, there should be some kind of actual qualification course they have to fire, Just like all Law Enforcement does, and just like those of us in the Military Have to do. We have a class on each weapon we use, in that class, they teach us how to break that weapon down, put it back together, function checks, everything we need to know about that weapon, we also have weapon safety drilled into us. then we do a Familliarization fire, just to get used to how it recoils,and shoots, finally we go to the range and qualify, with pistols, our combat pistol range has pop up targets spaced from 5 to 31 meters away from us, we fire from a static position, and also while moving. I think anyone who gets their CCL, should have to go thru something similar before they are allowed to carry, firing one magazine from a .22 is not near enough training in my opinion... What do you think?
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