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In this situation, there are several people at fault. First, the homeowner who left the Loaded weapon out, in my house, the only weapon that isn't locked in my gun safe is the one that I carry, and I am in control of it at all times, Yes it should have been locked up. But, as you have stated, his children were teenagers, and in all probability had been raised to respect weapons, and taught the right way to handle them. His teenager, who took her friends into the room, should have known as soon as she saw the weapon to grab it and put it away. The girl who picked up the weapon was also at fault, but on that, more than her, i think her parents were at fault. even if you do not have weapons in the house, I believe that, as a parent, it is your duty to teach your children about firearms, and to respect them, not to treat them as toys. this whole situation is tragic, even if no charges are filed, that Girl will live the rest of her life with the knowledge that she killed her friend. and the home owner will curse himself for the rest of his life for leaving the pistol out. Should charges be filed against either the home owner, or the young lady who fired the weapon? I'm Really torn on this one. Part of me says yes, while the other half of me says no, that this is nothing but a Very Very tragic accident, one that should have been avoided yes, but a accident none the less, and living with this for the rest of their lives will be punishment enough. Also, I can Guarantee you that from now on, he will never leave his weapons laying around like that again.
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