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HarrySchell writes:

This blather is further confirmation as to what the objective of F+F really was, and how weakly some in Congress think they can spin a story.

Disconnection from reality is no impediment at all for some to tell and others to buy a story that tells them what they want to believe.

I guess it's part ideology, part a lack of critical thinking skills. Maybe too there is some tribalism or groupthink, that grasps any straw to justify what "everyone (in my group) knows". A blogger observed today that it seems some MSM people are not reporting news but reassuring their niche audience that the world really is what they think it is.

This could be an explosive factor of civil destruction in the future.

Well said sir, I don't think I could have done better myself. Seems that the Obama Administration is akin to a household implement, the corkscrew, in that like the corkscrew, there is nothing straight about Obama et al. Of course, corkscrews need to be shaped the way they are, in order to work. Can the same be said for administrations, I would hope not, but then who knows.
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