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In my wanderings, I've definintely seen the regional biases on doe harvesting (amongst over things). I personally do not mind taking does. Last I checked, you cannot eat horns.

That being said, I cut my teeth hunting central FL where you could shoot does at will during bow and muzzleloader, but during rifle it was only legal on "doe weekends".

I already shot 2 does this year, as well as my 15 yo taking 2 does as well during a cull hunt on a friend's ranch in Texas.

Where I think we are really missing the boat is in the whole trophy hunting culture. After being in the company of a few of them, it seems if you are not harvesting 140 class minimum bucks, you don't qualify as a "real hunter".

It makes me laugh seeing all the deer skull stickers with monster racks, normally with 2 drop tines. I'd bet most of them folks have never shot a buck that big, let alone see one in real life (outside BPS or Cabelas).
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