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Microgunner: What happened to you would make me very very unhappy...unhappy enough that officer friendly's boss would hear it loud and clear, and if that did not get results, they would both hear from my lawyer.

If you are legally carrying a pistol, there is no reason for them to stop you. If the officer stopped you and said, are you carrying, and you answered yes, and then he asked you if you had a permit and you answered yes....that should be the absolutse end of it, actually, if you are doing nothing illegal, (and it has been upheld in court, several times, carry in itself is not reasonable cause) even that should not happen.

Disarming you is dangerous to you and the general public, as well as the officer. As long as a weapon is in a proper holster it can hurt no-one. As soon as it is removed from it's protective cover, it can hurt anyone.
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