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No BlueTrain, I am not suggesting that at all
What I would suggest (if I had any influence) is that all sworn law enforcement officers should have to graduate law school before they could be a cop. Why would I say that?

Let’s look again at facts.

If you want to be a medical doctor you must get good grades in high-school and then get top marks in college before being accepted to a per-med program. That is a total of about 6 years.
Next you have to go to medical school and again get good grades. That will be another 6 years.
Now we are at 12 years.
Next you need to do an internship that will last another 2 years at least.
So now we are at 14 years of schooling and on the job training BEFORE you can make judgment calls that effect other peoples lives.

However a cop can go to P.O.S.T. and in some states that’s as little as 5 weeks and he’s given a gun and thrown out to make life and death decisions in less then 2 months.

THAT’S NOT THE "COPS" FAULT, but it does show the unbalanced way out system is set up.

Doctors are not going to overthrow the freedoms of an entire nation.
But cops sure will if left unrestrained and if you think not, you know NOTHING of history If you know your history you will know that in most countries the “high law” was no barrier to any despot as long as his “cops” would support him Rome. Greece. Carthage. Germany. Spain, Cuba. ALL had laws that made the actions of their dictators and their follower’s illegal, but that doesn’t matter if the people are powerless to stop the police.
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