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In Washington the GMU are divided between horns, no horns, and any deer.
Most of the any deer and no horn units are on the West side.

iirc there are more any deer units than there used to be
But the season in WA is ridiculously short and the regs are insanely complicated. Most of the Westside GMU's have only a 2 week season for modern firearm. There are special openings sprinkled around all over the place. The late opening is only 4 days long.

The one benefit of this is that I encountered almost no other hunters during the two days I was able to find time to get out in GMU 448 this year (unfortunately I also encountered almost no deer. Skunked). I think a lot of people have given up in this part of the state. Long term this is bad though, if there are no hunters there will be no impediment to further tightening the regulation screws.

Check out the WA regs here:
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