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This may start a "fire"...but it's true

In the study of history you will find that EVERY time a society breaks down and becomes violent, the worst violators of the people’s rights are ALWAYS the “cops”.
Now that may make some ex-cops mad and some current cops madder, but it's historically true, and if we look at the abuse of power and the worst atrocities in US history, ALL of them have been the work, or had the involvement of the government (i.e. “cops”) State federal and local.

ALL law enforcement personal are taking orders from politicians. That’s a fact, not an opinion. It’s always been that way in all of history.

Who enforces the BATF’s codes?
Who enforces the tax codes?
Who enforces the FCCs codes? (Cover-ups all over the nation.)
Who enforces the overt destruction of the Constitution in ALL instances?
Who kicks in doors and kills the wrong people?
Who rounded up the Jews in Germany?
Who rounded up the Christians in Rome?
Who rounded up the Christians in Albania and Greece?
Who committed genocide in nearly every country in history?
Who will enforce the agenda 21 that is coming?
Who will enforce Obama care?


(In those countries where the military and the cops are one in the same, as it was in England and America in 1775 I lump them together. But the principal is still the same.

These laws are enforced by men who turn against their own people because a politician tells them to, and they hide behind the excuse of “I was only following orders”

So why would we be concerned that the wrong "bad guys" will learn tactics when the wrong bad guys ARE learning at taxpayers expense now? I am not saying cops should not be trained. What I am saying and what 99% of all cops seem to forget is that they are public SERVANTS, not masters.
If you think that you would be in too much danger I have to point out the FACT that more electricians, plumbers, and truck drivers get killed on their jobs then cops every year.

A friend of mine who is on one of the largest SWAT teams in the western US showed me something I think is interesting. Did you know that more truck drivers died doing their jobs in California alone, in 2007, than ALL the cops killed in the line of duty in ALL of the USA combined in the preceding 10 YEARS?

If a cop thinks he's entitled to be made safer by destroying the very constitution he's sworn an oath to protect, I say he's in the wrong job. He should quit and go drive a truck.

Before you all attack me, I will tell you I was a cop myself, and I was a military man for many years. I was good at the jobs and had the complements of my superiors in both professions.
My 3 best friends in the world are all cops. Two of them are also an ex-Marines.

Most cops are not evil. Most are not hateful. Most are not dedicated to the destruction of their own country and do care about their own kids future.

But if we look at percentages, I’d bet that about 10% of all law enforcement personal ARE evil. In my experience about 1 in 10 loves to harm people and harass them and abuse their power.
Now what if I am 2X too high in my estimate? What if it was only 5%?
I need to ask a question:
If you know, lets say, 100 “cops”, and 5 are real bad, and you know, lets say 500 people that are not cops. Of the 500 that are not cops, how many do you think would probably come to you an try to bully you with weapons?
How many of the 5% would?

ALL of the 5% will if they have opportunity. Right?

If Obama care is passed and enforced, those 5% will do what they are told, and they don’t care about the future of this country at all. It’s just fun at the time for them. Same with them that are trying to shut down organic farms and close down churches, as well as those that arrest folks in the southern states for resisting the Mexican envision.

How many cops in Illinois will arrest a Norman citizen because Illinois has overtly un-constitutional laws about “regulations” on guns that are diametrically opposed to the idea of “shall not be INFRENGED”?

An infringement is not always just confiscation, but it’s to render the intent of that law useless in the face of government. No F.O.I.D. card? You are under arrest t there huh? “Cops” do that. And they don’t know OR CARE that they are in violation of their own oath.,

Of the 500 citizens that are not cops, how many will harass you and “kick in your door” or take your liberty because you don’t agree and support open treason?

None! Right?

So who is the truly dangerous group here?

Look at history and think.
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