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It's said that driver's ed is a waste because we have already formed our habits from sitting beside our parents in the car for the previous years of our life. You don't get that much behind the wheel experience in driver's ed, either. There may be something similiar at work with handguns, too, seeing as how they are featured in so many movies and TV shows that we watch.

While conditions vary widely (and wildly), some experience in the field (as opposed to in the bedroom, even if that's where it's most likely to be used) will quickly show that many of the issues that are brought up in various threads here become non-issues and other factors begin to loom very large. I found this to be true even when you have been shooting a lot at an indoor range.

But when I say "in the field," I mean that literally, or at least, "in the woods." I don't carry a gun around the house and anyway, because one's home is such a dangerous place, I stay away as much as possible.

At any rate, I will agree that drawing is a critical thing anywhere, no matter how the handgun is carried. I don't think pure speed is as important as smoothness and I admit, that's a tricky point to get across. But I'm not really speaking of "street tactics" at all; I really mean in the woods. So running is probably out, at least anywhere I've ever been and even more so at my age. The biggest difference in the conditions I'm describing is the range. At an indoor range, 75 feet is a long distance. Outside, it's a stone's throw away and in fact, at my house, that's the measured distance from my basement door to the path going into the woods, where the deer and the foxes are.

In comparison, I don't think other factors are all that important.
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