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I just read that information that Don H posted above. Apparently if I am in my local department store and am in possession of my permit and my concealed gun happens to show for a second or two as I'm reaching up onto a high shelf at the store, I'm fine. Thanks guys for all your input. Like I said before, coming from Illinois has some thoughts so ingrained in my head of having a gun on my person as "wrong", it may take awhile before I unlearn that silliness.
Just a side note, it will be awhile before I am actively carrying. I moved down here to Florida to help my Mom with my ailing step Dad in July and as yet I'm not having that much luck finding employment. I had some savings that I've been living off of since I moved down here, but it might be a bit before I can get everything in order.
I was in the Marine Corps from 1975 to 1978 and I hear that I can use my DD214 in lieu of a class that is offered. The only problem is that my discharge wasn't the greatest. I did NOT receive a dishonorable discharge. I got a Undesireable. Im not proud of that. I was a dumb kid all of 19 years old and made some mistakes. Just wondering if that will hurt me. But I was thinking that the classes would be beneficial anyway. You can never be TOO educated about firearms.
So probably my best plan is the class, the gun and the permit in that order. I just won;t do anything dumb like carry until I get the permit.
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