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It used to be unacceptable to shoot a doe where I hunt in SW Nebraska, when there were fewer deer (1960's/70's) and nearly no whitetails ..... now there are nearly no mule deer and you can't drive the speed limit at night for fear of hitting a whitetail...... hell, I had one run into the side of my car (Kamikaze?) ..........

Now, the Game and Parks encourages the taking of whitetail doe, giving a bonus antlerless whitetail tag on every permit, and antlerless whitetail tags are much less expensive, seasons are longer and permits are easier to get than regular firearm deer permits...... some units have a "Earn a Buck" deal, where you must check in an antlerless whitetail before your buck tag is valid.

It's about management, and there have never been more deer in the state, despite the record harvests every year, so they want to keep a lid on it.
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