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This isn't law and I don't expect it to be, but if it was it would give anit-gunners and the governor of Illinois another reason not to pass our own CCW law.
You might be missing the point and/or please don't listen to everything you hear. This same hogwash was being said when LEOSA was trying to pass(for decades). Someone said that on the thread. Is it true? maybe but I doubt it.

Federal law trumps state law. The passing of the bill(when it happens) will cause some other things to happen pretty immediately in my opinion whether just before, at the same time, or immediately after. I am confident - obviously there are people that disagree with me, but it is good we have a record of this thread for when this all eventually "goes down" - that when this bill passes it WILL NOT MATTER that Illinois states that they do not want people CCWing in their state. federal law will trump state law and IL will only be able to restrict residents like you.

To add further, I believe that the law will state the only CCWs valid for United States travel will be CCW issued from your home state. i do not believe someone from NV getting a non-resident CCW from UT will be covered(at least at first). Now if IL still says that they will not issue CCW for their home residents, that will be a sight to see but it seems you all would allow it.

To be blunt, the federal government very well might tell IL they have to allow their residents to participate in some fashion or another in this new program. Now, either the federal government truly is trying to steal people's rights, gain total control, and all of these other conspiracy theories, or they are going to just make CCW legal and do some good. By the way, no state has the get-go to say no when they DO pass this bill. Case in point when America decided that 18yr olds able to drink wasn't correct conformity. It was a state issue...well the federal government stopped highway money and a host of other stuff until each state bowed down and agreed to change the drinking age from 18 to 21(almost like a parent using tricks and tactics to out-wit a loved child).

Bottom line, I am either right or completely wrong. I am very confident that I am right. People should take it when we can get it and only time will tell.


I'll be the first to admit that our laws concerning gun ownership and carry in Illinois are bad - but they're OUR BAD LAWS

is sad and disheartening. I like the fire but you guys(as in Illinois) obviously need some help because - as mentioned - 'get out and vote them all out' doesn't seem to be working, sort of like trying to get America to boycott the gas stations at this point.

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