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Originally Posted by Blume357
Loan him the gun... that's a nice enough gift.
If they lived in the same state, this might be acceptable. Since they live in different states, you are advocating an illegal act. Federal law provides for the temporary lending of firearms for lawful sporting purposes. The law does not define either "temporary" or what constitutes a "lawful sporting purpose." However, in assessing what firearms can be imported, the BATFE has taken a very narrow view. Hunting and traditional shooting competitions are essentially what they have in mind. IDPA, IPSC/USPA, and cowboy action shooting are NOT considered to be lawful sporting activities by the BATFE. And I don't think that "temporary" under Federal law means "here, it's yours forever." I think it means more like "Sorry your gun broke. You can use my spare for the afternoon to finish the hunt/match."
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