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The FR-8 was a transitional gun manufactured by Spanish armories using the CETME front ends and Spanish Mauser actions. There were several problems in the manufacture of the CETME actions and the government found themselves way behind on the schedule to get the CETME in production. They had a boatload of CETME front ends which were much easier to produce than the semi-auto actions and several warehouses full of 1895 Mausers so they came up with the FR-7 and a little later the FR-8 variation. They were manufactured to use a slightly reduced power 7.62 NATO round because the Mauser 7x57 action wasn't certified for use with the full power NATO round chamber pressures. I don't personally know of anyone that has blown up an FR-8 using full house Nato loadings, but....... 800 AUS seems to me to be WAAAAY over priced. Check out the usual suspects, Gunbroker and auction Arms, on line and you can pick one up for about $300 U.S. Getting it into the country may be a problem though.
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