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American Made, it is not "double-talk."

Their argument is that there is no civil right when considering the right to keep and bear arms. It is merely yet another twist of the Heller decision.

We have seen this in most of the cases we are following on 2A litigation.

Have you looked at the first 4 posts in the Current 2A Cases thread? This case is #39 on the hit parade (post #3) (Regardless, that thread has all the relevant 2A cases listed and cataloged).

You will find a link to the Internet Archives case docket, a link to the Justia Summary and a link to this very thread.

At the docket, you will find document #32.1, which is the download-able PDF file that you linked to. That document was made available back on 10-03, when it was filed. It was reported both here and within the 2A cases thread.

On 10-13, you will see a stipulated proposed order for continuance (#33) and on 10-19, the Judge accepted the proposed order (#35). In that order, the next item of business will be the plaintiffs filing of their Opposition to the MTD, due on 01-11-2012 and the defendants reply due on 01-18-2012.

Additionally, the plaintiffs will file a cross-motion (an MSJ) on 12-14-2011 with a response on 01-11-2012 and reply due on 01-18-2012.

A hearing on 01-25-2012 will be held to hear all current motions.
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