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C&R is not as attractive as it appears to be. Way too many idiot sellers who don't know crap about the laws.

One suggestion I have to anyone filling out the application is to have a different mailing address from your premise address.

Spend the money and get an account at a FedEx Kinkos or UPS Store. Use this ast your mailing address. This way you can have stuff shipped to a FedEx Kinkos Store or UPS Store without worrying about some idiot shipping stuff to you w/o an Adult Signature Required and having it sit on your doorsteps. Trust me, this crap happens ALL THE TIME.

Also, keep in mind that as a C&R Holder, you cannot accept handguns from USPS even if it is delivered to your FedEx/UPS Store. Finally, with two addresses on the C&R license, you gotta work with the merchant on shipping. Sometimes folks will only ship to the premise address, although it is legal to ship to both. Oh, BTW, IANAL...
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