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This isn't law and I don't expect it to be, but if it was it would give anit-gunners and the governor of Illinois another reason not to pass our own CCW law.

If Illinois wants to only issue to residents 21 and over, conduct a criminal background check with the county and national databases, and require an 8 hour class. I am OK with that.

Let's say the bill won't appease anti-gun politicians in Illinois minus those provisions (which it won't), instead of just being able to compromise and pass a bill stipulating 21 years of age, 8 hour training, & check... the anti-gun politicians can argue that under HR 822, passing a CCW law of any kind allows certain people under the age of 21, with no training and not having undergone a criminal background check to carry in Illinois.

It would be a hard sell.

When we argue this again in Illinois, I wouldn't be surprised if the anti-gunners mention HR 822 anyway... even though it isn't law, the spectre of 822 will be invoked...
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