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I'm loading Barnes TSX bullets for my .243 and they do the job, but wish they were closer to 100 grains!

We're into copper or gilding metal Hornady GMX bullets for high-velocity game ammo these days. I don't want to worry about grandkids or anyone else I know, even scavengers like eagles, eating lead dust/small particles from gut piles.

It's a scientific (x-ray) verified problem for most rounds with frangible jackets exceeding about 2,000 fps, but not for shotgun slugs, buckshot, many handgun rounds, muzzleloaders, and other lower-velocity rounds.

I wonder whether varmint hunters ever think about what happens to all the lead dust from their hundreds of kills with frangible bullets. I never thought about it until seeing X-ray pictures of venison given to the Hunters for the Hungry program.
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