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Agreed about the generousity of folks around here. I find the experience shared much more valuable than tools or components.
With so many cool things on my wish list it's hard to buy something as mundane as furniture but both pieces have needed replacing for some time and are on the verge of being unuseable. I'm afraid I'll still have visions of the nice Sharps rifle that could have been when the furniture truck pulls up.
The Uberti Bird's Head in 45 Colt I picked up before heading to the furniture store softened the blow a bit. Think I'll be needing to cast some more of those Keith boolits my RBH likes as soon as the holidays and hunting season are over. I'm thinking his boolits may be a bit too modern-looking for this gun, that's why your new mould caught my attention. For now I'll just use it for decoration, nice complement to my western motif.
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