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My Speer reloading manual only goes up to 180gr for
40 S&W but it shows this for 10mm

.400" Dia.
200 Grain TMJ

AA#9 14.0 Max 12.5 Low
Blue Dot 10.0 Max 9.0 Low
2400 12.0 Max 11.0 Low
AA#7 11.6 Max 10.5 Low
Viht 3N37 8.3 Max 7.5 Low
HS-6 9.1 Max 8.2 Low
Unique 7.5 Max 6.8 Low
HS-7 10.2 Max 9.2 Low
540 9.0 Max 8.1 Low

Disclamer, these are from a manual and not tested by me.
They use Speer bullets in the Speer manual and other
bullets by other manufacturers may give different results.
Take caution when using information from the internet,
the person could be malicious or down right retarded and
give you inaccurate and dangerous information. I am not
responsable for what you do with this information.
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