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President signed the LEOSA? H.R. 822 is nothing but the civilian equivalent of the LEOSA. Were you vehemently opposed to that? How has the LEOSA resulted in any loss of rights to the citizens of the several states?
If I am understanding things right, places like NYC, DC, IL, NJ are going to be off limits. Just imagine the uproar when out of state folks are CCW in places like NYC, IL, NJ, DC and the residents of these places are not getting approved or just cant afford it because of price. I really do not see this happening.
Let me play the devils advocate here. What happens if NYC, NJ, IL, DC or any state that does not want any part of HB 822 just pass a law that there will be NO CCW permits issued. Then what recourse is there? Will SCOTUS here any grievances brought before them on 2 nd. amendment.

Here in CT you go through a background check,a class, and live fire. That is a "national standard" I can live with. Heck, I did it to get my carry permit. That was the purpose
We do the same in FLA and for the longest time SC did not honor FLA's CCW permit stating our traing did not meet there standards. Go figure
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