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Kobee K-bar

Welcome to NC. I just wanted to drop in and let you know about the laws here. There is no registration that is enforced by the state of NC itself. The only actual registration is in Durham County and it is, last I heard, administered through the county itself, and is only for residents of Durham County. So, by living in the Charlotte/Mechlenburg County area, there is no handgun/long-gun registration for you at all.

The only 2 permits that are available are the pistol purchase permit, and the concealed carry permit. You can purchase with either of the 2, though the pistol purchase permit is only for 1 purchase only. There is no permit needed or available for you to move firearms you already own with you in to NC. Just move them with your other items in a lawful manner. You can own, and also, if your willing and understand the open carry laws, you can carry openly without a permit, though you may get stoped and checked. Transport in your car is legal without a permit as well as long as it is in plain view.

Enjoy the move!
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