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HR822 is the only way that out of staters will EVER be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in NJ. Talking to someone who is more close to the situation in the NJ statehouse, I think they will still never agree to CCW for private citizens of this police state. The comment from one legistlator is that the only way that CCW will ever be permitted in this state (shall issue or realistic may issue) is for the federal courts to FORCE NJ to do so. Without national reciprocity, out of NJ CCW will never be permitted. Better for you to be a victim they figure.
Elections-? All of the same idiots that caused the problems in NJ, just got re-elected for another term. Light turnout, most people in NJ dont care, beaten down, accept their position as servants of their Govt rulers, I cant wait to sell and get out of this police state. Very soon, Very soon.
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