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My experience with Natchez

I opened the forum to see a closed thread where someone made a negative comment on Natchez.

My experience:Some years back,I placed an electronic predator call,fairly expensive,on backorder at Natchez.Then I was laid off from my job.I called to cancel the order.The man who took my call,to this day I recall how his concern was not with the canceled order.He cared that I was a man who had just lost my job.

On another occasion,I called to order a Leupold Vari-X3 2.5-8 Mildot.It was priced fair,and I wanted the Mildot.As far as I was concerned,done deal.
The man said "We have a $ 50 dollar credit deal going on that scope right now".
He gave me a discount I was unaware of,even though it was obvious the sale was made.

I'll stand by Natchez as a good outfit to do business with.
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