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Quit eating the tinfoil, its bad for you.
Figured if I lined my stomach, I'd be doubly protected!
Nothing personal, just want to make sure I get in step with the populace that thinks the government is out to get me.

Commerce clause doesn't concern me, nor a study. I hardly think that the NRA which backed this bill, would have if they thought it was bad for CCW holders. I am pretty sure that when/if the Senate gets this bill, any adverse proposed attachments that are detrimental to the idea of this bill, would be squashed by most who back the bill as it stands.
What populace thinks the government is out to get them?

Not me I assure you.
They already got us.

This bill is supposed to be an effort to get some of our rights back, because our government is out to get us and have been successful so far.
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