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Several years ago in a rural area where “nothing bad ever happens here and we sleep with our doors unlocked” an entire family was murdered. Donaldsonville, Georgia, 1975 IIRC, if you want to check it out.

That changed the attitude and practices of everyone there.

When abroad I carry concealed. At home I have a .357 holstered on my waist and visible. When I answer the door the family, neighbors, and friends know they’re not likely to get shot (well, a couple of them might worry a bit).

Horse meat peddlers and used motor oil pavers don’t hang around after a plain “NO”.

I suppose word got around because it’s been years since one showed up.

The Jehovah’s Witness have all been women. I invite them to sit on the porch, offer coffee, tea, or Coke (the drink) and talk to them. I’m a single male so I hesitate to invite them in; the porch is huge with nice tables, over head fans, and padded chairs. Being Texans, the gun doesn’t seem to bother them; they're likely carrying too. I like to hear what they have to say and, generally, have an interesting conversation although I make known that I’ll not join their denomination. Their pamphlets do have some interesting articles which many times make sense.

Also, they’re usually my age but none have said they’re single and rich so I don’t push that line. Now if one shows up who IS single and rich....

And has a nice boat, motor, and trailer….

For the Irishman who asked if it’s really that bad here:
As one responded; this is a gun forum so a lot of gun talk gets discussed here and preparation for self defense. There are many who carry but don’t post on these forums but it’s known that a high percent of the people are armed.
No, it’s not that bad here and those are the reasons why.

As for door knockers, the ones who really scare me are the Girls Scouts. They’re robbing me blind.
No people should have to fear the will of their government; all governments should have to fear the will of their people.
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